Meet Current Coastal Realty

Current Coastal Realty combines expert knowledge of Southwest Florida with years of local experience working tirelessly to change our clients’ lives for the better. Our priority is understanding and catering to your needs, educating and informing you throughout the process, and supporting you as you make some of the most impactful decisions of your life. Whether you’re dealing with a big-picture issue like deciding between a waterfront condo or a single-family home, or more detailed considerations like boating access, pet-friendly rules, and HOA regulations, our team will give you the local knowledge you need.

After $315 million in sales, we know how to deliver life-changing results. Our founder, Alex King, has been using real estate technology to serve his clients for the past decade, and he keeps us Current with the latest innovations and trends. With our support, you can have the lifestyle you desire in Southwest Florida. Whatever you want — a short-term rental in Naples, a pet-friendly condo in Bonita Springs, or a beachfront property in Fort Myers Beach — we can make it happen for you. Choose a team that outworks the competition and gets results. Choose Current Coastal Realty.

Alex King and Current Coastal Realty Agent Roster

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