21 Reasons Staging Works When Selling

Home Staging is professionally preparing a home to show in its most attractive light to the broadest number of potential buyers to sell it more quickly and for more money.  Even in today's tough sellers' market, a staged home will naturally bring more profit. 21 Reasons Staging Works When Selling

The home must be a place where potential buyers can see themselves living.  It is difficult for people to imagine themselves living in the home they are viewing when what they're focusing on are family photographs and years worth of "stuff".  Buyers cannot see the true size and features of the space, which is where home staging comes in.

Here are 21 reasons why Home Staging works:

1. Statistically, home staging results in a higher selling price.

2. Statistically, home staging results in selling a home quicker.

21 Reasons Staging Works When Selling3. A home stager can offer an impartial opinion of the home where the homeowner may find difficulty.

4. Home staging offers a competitive edge over the other homes on the market.

5. The cost of home staging is usually less than the expense of the first price reduction.

6. Home staging allows buyers to pictures themselves in the new home.

7. Home staging adds flair to a home which can act like "eye candy", making the home more desirable and giving it that "wow" factor.

8. Home staging is necessary for a buyer's market because there are a large variety of homes to choose from. (but can increase profit in a sellers' market)21 Reasons Staging Works When Selling

9. A staged home will typically increase the number of scheduled showings.

10. Staging is not decorating - decorating is optional. Home staging is preparing the home to appeal to the largest number of buyers.

11. Home staging gives a "stale property" a fresh, clean look.

12. A staged home will show better in online photos and web media.

13. Home staging can increase the perceived value of the home.

14. Home staging will highlight the home's greatest architectural features.

15. Staging shows that each room has a clear function.

21 Reasons Staging Works When Selling16. A buyer is able to see exactly how much furniture will fit into a room.

17. A home stager is able to give more attention to detail which is sometimes difficult for the homeowner.

18. Stagers give the entire home an organized look and feel.

19. A home stager is up to date with current design trends and colors.

20. Because there is less "stuff" in a staged home, the homeowner is able to keep the home neat for showings.

21. Staging creates focal points which draw attention to particular features of the home.

Have I convinced you yet? If not, a personal consultation may help determine the type of staging and preparation your home needs to sell. While anyone can pop a sign in your front yard and the home will probably sell, for the most profit and competitive sales, a staged home can't be beat. 

Contact me below to find out what your home is currently worth AND what is could be worth with some strategic staging!


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