What to Know about Buying into a Gated Community in Fort Myers, Florida

Gated communities are often desirable areas to live in for particular types of people. Those looking for an exclusive, private, and relatively safe area to live will find much peace of mind in these types of communities. When it comes to popular areas in the country in which to find the best-gated communities, Fort Myers, Florida, stands tall among the competition. Here are some things to think about when choosing to live here:

ExclusivityWhat to Know about Buying into a Gated Community in Fort Myers, Florida

Living in a Fort Myers gated community means knowing you’ve truly achieved success and belong to a community of people with similar goals and dreams like you. It also means living in a community owned by a particular brand – a brand with real name recognition and the credibility needed to make you feel secure in your belonging.


Let’s face it: having special amenities is the cherry on top when it comes to living wonderfully. Fort Meyers, Florida, offers such amenities. Whether it’s the Pelican Preserve Golf Club with its access to over two dozen holes of championship golf or full-service spas or tennis courts or swimming pools, you’ll be living the dream in any of the gated communities offered here.

Homeowner’s Association

One important thing you should definitely be aware of is the existence of the Homeowner’s Association and HOA fees. Depending on which community you live in, the fees – typically annual – could be relatively cheap. Some properties, however, require more contribution than others. These fees go towards maintaining the upkeep of the community, funding any repairs that need to be done, and so on. Before choosing what specific community to move into, check with the property owners to see what the fees look like and then plan accordingly.

Privacy and security

One of the key words to the term gated community is the word “gated.” This means whatever property you end up moving to will have its own special security and privacy that you can’t get just anywhere else. You can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home and your neighborhood are secure.


The other keyword is “community,” and it’s one of the top reasons why people seek to live in these areas. Fort Meyers, in particular, offers opportunity after opportunity for people to engage with each other and form new and lasting relationships. If you join a golf club membership, you’ll see what I mean by community. You’ll also see it from different community events and opportunities to visit the homes of whatever friends you make.

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